Fil’s new notebook

What an exciting day! Fil made a new notebook and his sample arrived in the mail. Fil created this notebook just so that he can start writing all his new story ideas down! Right now, he is already in the middle of working on a brand-new story that has to do with fun times in the snow. Fil does not want snow to be here tomorrow, but he also cannot wait for all the fun snow activities that will be sure to come when the time is right. Things like building a snowman, sledding, and throwing snowballs come to mind.  

But wait!!! Stop! It is not time for all that yet… we need to have Halloween first! He has not even carved out his pumpkin yet! Wow! This time of year is always so exciting for Fil because he has so many fun holidays to look forward to. All these things create so many adventures and stories to write for both his blog and even some for a story book! This Fil the Elephant notebook will do the trick, to jot down ideas and even attempt to fix his spelling errors. Fil loves his new notebook so much he decided to share it exclusively on, so even you can get a copy to start authoring your own stories too! Or draw some cool elephant pictures, or even just to do math homework.  

What a wonderful day! With love, your friend Fil! 

Fil next to his new Notebook and Fil Goes Camping story book

Fil’s Trip to the Apple Farm

Fil has such an exciting life; he always gets to do so many fun things. Over the weekend Fil was lucky enough to go to an apple farm to pick apples with myself, my husband Daniel, and our son. Going to the apple farm in the fall is always an exciting experience and this time was no different.  

We got into the truck in the evening and took a drive south to the popular Minnesota Harvest, near Jordan, MN. This time we wanted to try something new, by going in the evening rather than on extremely popular weekend afternoons.  

Because it was dinner time and Fil and our son were both famished, we decided to order a couple of pizzas. Sausage and Pepperoni for the kids and BBQ Chicken with apples for the grown-ups, oh and a couple of hard ciders.  

After the famished Fil, filled his tummy with pizza it was time to find the Orchard Limo to take us to the apples! Apples everywhere! Riding on the tractor pulled wagon was the highlight for everyone. It was bumpy, jerky, and it was fun! Fil did not even want to get off to pick the apples at first, but that was the point of going to the apple farm to begin with… so he obliged. He was disappointed for a little while, that was until he sank his elephant teeth into some juicy sweet and tart apples! So many apples, too many for even an elephant to eat!  

As the sky was starting to get darker and the sliver of the moon was starting to show itself in the west sky, we knew it was time to start going home. The farm was closing, so we took one quick look at the pot belly pigs and chickens before we needed to end this wonderful fall evening at the apple farm.  

The drive back home was quiet, with everyone munching on one last apple. It was late, so once we got home, we had to get ourselves tucked away in our beds. Good night apple farm, see you next year. How lucky we are to get to enjoy apples for the days to come.  

Decorating for Halloween

Getting ready for Halloween is so much fun. Fil loves to decorate, so what better way to get ready for Halloween than to decorate the yard? Fil decided to climb up in the attic of the garage and pulled down his Halloween decorations these were made a long time ago. I guess you could call them vintage. Fil made these in the 90s; whoa so long ago. 

You might be wondering how he made these decorations. Well first he got a pattern and laid it on top of a large piece of plywood. After he traced the pattern onto the wood, he got on his band-saw and cut out the shape. Then he painted the shape to look like a ghost coming out of a pumpkin, added some outlines and ta dah a cool, customized Halloween decoration.  

To finish them off he added some vintage orange Halloween mini lights (sorry mom, they are not LED). He put them on stakes and now he displays them proudly in his yard!  

Now all that Fil must do is wait to carve out his spooky pumpkins and get his costume ready and he is all set to hand out Halloween candy to all the neighborhood kids, and maybe even elephants too! 

A visit to the pumpkin patch

Some of Fil’s favorite things to do in the fall is jumping in the leaves, going to pick apples (which we still need to do) and his annual visit to the pumpkin patch. Well… it really isn’t a patch, but they do have a lot of pumpkins and they are the cheapest pumpkins you can find anywhere around here. Every fall Fil makes a short trip to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, if you haven’t been, it is a must visit in the summer and fall months in Minnesota. Right off US Hwy 169 you can’t miss the giant yellow building between the towns of Belle Plaine, MN and Jordan, MN. There is something there for everyone, from the isles and isles of candy, seasonings, fresh baked pies, superhero characters, sodas of every imaginable kind and puzzles galore it is hard not to overspend. A tip if you do go, they do not take plastic so make sure you bring plenty of cash (more than you think). Another tip, try to go on a weekday especially this time of year, and finally they have the least expensive pumpkins around. If you do go on the weekend, go early in the morning otherwise you can expect difficult traffic conditions and packed isles.

On this trip Fil went to get pumpkins and since Fil loves to carve pumpkins every year, he must get some! He likes to have them on the front step for the month of October, so he can enjoy them on warm afternoons while he is playing in a pile of leaves. Happy pumpkin hunting!

Rainy Day Cupcakes

Today is a rainy autumn day here in Minnesota, so Fil decided that it would be a great day to make some festive fall cupcakes! He decided that he was going to try something different in his cupcakes, so instead of using oil he used unsweetened apple sauce. Boy was it delicious! He knows he must work on his figure just a little bit, so hopefully switching it out was the right choice.

Fil’s Cupcake

Otherwise, it has been a quiet day around here for Fil, and he doesn’t really have anything else planned, so he is considering to just watch a movie later and eat a cupcake. Happy Autumn & Yummy Cupcakes!

Fil’s Book Is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! Fil can hardly believe it. A lot of work went into Fil’s very first book and it finally arrived at his house! Fil may not be the perfect writer, but he loves to tell stores and he loves reading books! In fact, he has already started on book number two with a third idea getting ready to be born.

Fil Looking at his book!

Today, Fil couldn’t think of anything more perfect to do this afternoon than to sit outside on a beautiful warm fall afternoon and read his book. He gets to listen to the birds and watch the leaves gracefully fall from the trees in a gentle breeze.

Fil’s brand-new book Fil Goes Camping is available today on both digital and paperback form. Pick up your copy today from

Fil Plays Bingo

Fil never played bingo before so he wasn’t sure what to expect. We brought him into the bingo hall, and he saw all sorts of people there. Mostly regulars, who were very nice and welcoming. We looked like amateurs, and we were because we didn’t have the rituals everyone else did. We had only played bingo in elementary school learning spelling words way back in the olden days before iPad classes and electronic tests, when paper was king.

Fil didn’t feel out of place at bingo because the other people had a rainbow of ink dabbers and trolls. Some people even had a special bag to hold all their bingo supplies. Fil saw a few other elephants in the area, but none were as cute as himself! Fil diligently would dot the free spot and wait for the numbers to be called. Fil always came close to winning, with one or two numbers left but this wasn’t his lucky day. Someone always beat him to the punch yelling BINGO! Fil felt sad, but I reminded him that he should see it as inexpensive entertainment.

Fil plays bingo
Fil plays bingo

One day we’ll go back, but it won’t be a regular thing. Fil doesn’t want to become a regular and collect a set of trolls. They seem scary and have weird hair that mysteriously stands up straight without the use of hairspray. Fil thinks he is a good luck charm on his own, even if he doesn’t win any prizes at bingo.

Fil goes on a road trip

Fil has been on many adventures over the last few years but I have been very bad at writing about what he has been up too. That is about to change!

At the very end of August, Fil went on a road trip. My husband and I packed up his camping equipment and headed out on the road towards Theodore Roosevelt National Park, near Medora North Dakota.  We arrived in the evening and didn’t get a very nice camping spot. It was right next to the garbage, but we didn’t mind because this place was beautiful! One of Fil’s favorite things to do is camp under the stars in his cozy tent under blankets and a sleeping bag. Something we’ve been doing a lot the last couple of years, so Fil is no amateur when it comes to camping.

As the sun was sitting we saw a mom bison and a baby along the road. Fil couldn’t believe his eyes, an animal much larger than himself? He was scared and stayed in the car. No way was he going to go near those big animals eating grass.

Bison eating grass
Bison eating grass

We moved on and stopped on top one of the bluffs to view the setting sun. The dancing colors of pinks and greens and golds from the setting sun were so beautiful that Fil wanted to pose on a lonely bench and soak in all the glorious colors. Soon the sun was behind the earth’s horizon and it got dark and we had to head back to our camping site and curl up for the night, admiring the stars of the Milky Way and dozing off, dreaming about more adventures to come.

Fill sitting on a bench
Fill sitting on a bench

Fil can’t decide

Fil can’t decide

Fil took another trip to Hudson, Wisconsin earlier in the week and picked up a variety pack of beer from the New Glarus brewing company. It  had been before Christmas since he made the venture across the border to pick up  is beloved Spotted Cow beer, but while he was there he decided to try a few others. Now Fil is having trouble deciding which one to try first. Two Women? Maybe, but he is just a baby elephant and not really into women much. Moon Man? Well that sounds intriguing to him but he thinks he might have to wear an elephant space suit to try that one. Fat Squirrel? A possibility, he doesn’t mind watching fat squirrels running around in the yard looking for a nut. Sometimes even Fil considers himself just a squirrel looking for a nut, or a peanut. Spotted Cow? That reminds him of the man in the moon, and the little boy blue, a cat and a spoon, and that famous cow jumping over the moon? How does a little elephant decide? I guess that is the question!