Happy Easter, Coloring Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! While it It seems like forever until the easter bunny comes to visit tonight and leaves Fil some delicious easter treats, he decided it would be an enjoyable time to get into the Easter spirit by coloring some eggs.  

First things first, he had to boil some eggs. But how? He could go the traditional method and get a boiling pot of water on the stove, but that takes too long. He opted to look up how to boil perfect eggs in InstaPot! That was a time saver, and easy clean up. He set the pressure cooker to 5 minutes, and let it sit 5 minutes before letting off steam. He packed the away and put them in the refrigerator to cool off and wait.  

After a few hours they were cool enough to touch so he made some egg dye. He got these on clearance last year for only 19 cents for the box, such a great deal especially because the normally sell for $3. You cannot go wrong with a great deal! This egg kit came with six amazing colors, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and pink.  

Fil getting all the colors ready!

After he was all done coloring his eggs, he decided to add some cute stickers to them. He learned however, that it is hard to stick on stickers when they are still wet, so he let them sit on a rack for a bit to air dry. After that, the stickers went on so much better. He found a cute train sticker which is his favorite. I mean; Who does not like cute stickers? Fil thinks that there could be no one in the world.

Fil coloring a pink egg

After getting everything all decorated, he had a colorful carton of eggs. Now it was time to try out an egg.

Fil and his Finished Product

They were delicious! Now all he must do is have a wonderful Saturday and wait for that Easter bunny to stop on by and fill his Easter basket. Have a wonderful day!

Fil and Herbie go to a Monster Truck Show

I am so excited to announce the release of my 3rd book in the Fil the Elephant series, titled Fil and Herbie go to a Monster Truck Show! This book was inspired by a special friend, named Herbie who loves to play with monster truck toys just like me. Some of our favorite games are jumping over a pile of cars, pretending to smash them, jumping off of ramps, and just driving them around in circles. The best part about monster trucks is the really big tires and the awesome colors. Sometimes they even look like an animal, or a dinosaur or something!

In this book, I am so lucky because my dad is taking my best friend Herbie and me to a monster truck show for the very first time. I am not really sure what to expect, since I have never gone, but I think it will be loud and there will be plenty of snacks.

Maybe if you pick up my new book on Amazon.com, you can find out what happens on our adventure! Spring is a great time for new books! Happy Spring!

First Snowfall of the Season

Well, it happened! Fil had been waiting for a long time for the first snow fall of the season. We have had some little snowfalls, and just some light snow that melted right away, but this is the first snowfall where we had to shovel! In fact, the weather forecast called for just dusting on this little storm too, but it kept snowing and snowing and snowing and we got 3 inches of snow!  

There is something very magical about the first real snowfall of the season. The world is quieter and softens all the sounds around you. Then of course you have the beautiful snow that drapes on top of the branches in the morning, before the wind or sun knocks them away.  

Last night when Fil was helping to shovel snow from the driveway, he could not help but play in the snow too. This snow was the soft fluffy kind, not icy, not watery, not the kind you can make snowmen out of. No, this kind of snow was the kind you can pile up in a big pile and jump in. Just like a big pile of leaves in the fall. You sink, even the smallest amount of weight will take you to the ground! This is exactly what Fil did, he piled it up and ran into the pile and splat! Snow flies into the air and he rolls around in it. Ha! Oh boy so much fun! There is always something magical about the snow and he is so happy it is finally here.

Fil jumps in the snow

Fil’s Day in the Snow – New Book

YAY! My 2nd book is finally ready! It is called “Fil’s Day in the Snow” and I have been waiting for a long time to share the story of my very first time in the snow! Who knew snow could be so much fun! I love snow, and at this time of year in Minnesota you never know when it will snow. We have already had our first snowflakes fly this year, but it was too warm, so they have not stuck around. I am waiting patiently for our first big snowstorm so that I can do all the super fun activities that I write about in my book, things like skiing and throwing snowballs at my dad!  

Also on cold snowy days, I love to read books. There is nothing like curling up on the couch with my mom, a cozy blanket, and a warm cup of hot chocolate while she reads me a delightful book! Some of my most favorites are “Fil Goes Camping” and of course my new book, “Fil’s Day in the Snow.” I love to read my books, it helps me remember all the fun times I have had, and I get all nostalgic thinking about them. I get that warm cozy feeling when I think about all the happy and exciting things I have done. 

Well, anyway if you want to pick up a copy of my 2nd book you can find it on Amazon.com, just search for my name Fil the Elephant! It is the 2nd book in my series, and I cannot wait to share more in the future. Best wishes to all my friends and thank you so much for your support! I would not be here without all my wonderful friends. Hugs!  

Fil’s Day in the Snow Book Cover

Fil Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fil could not wait to wake up today! For two days he wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, but on the 1st day he realized he did not have enough eggs, so he went to the store to get eggs. By the time he got home it was too late to start making cookies, so he had to wait for the next day. On the next day he was busy working and had to go to appointments and forgot about his cookies. When he finally had enough time to investigate making the cookies, he realized he now did not have enough butter. Sigh!!!! Fil was sad about this and went back to the store again; this time to get butter. By the time he got home, it was too late again to start making cookies, so he played some games, watched a show, and curled up in his cozy bed and drifted off to sleep. 

When Fil woke up, he ran to the kitchen, ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth and this time he was ready to make his cookies! He got out a bowl, a bag of chocolate chips and followed the recipe on the back. The chips recipe is always the yummiest! First, he mixed the butter and sugar together with a little bit of vanilla, then he added the eggs. After that he added the flour, salt and baking soda and mixed it all together well. He was about to make his first cookie when he realized he forgot the most important thing; the chocolate chips! How can you make chocolate chip cookies without chips? This would have been a big mistake, but luckily, he remembered before putting them on the cookie pan. He stirred in the chips, and then made little cookie balls and put them on the sheet. A grown-up helped him put them in the oven and then he had to wait. This was the hardest part… waiting.  

After some time, the cookies were ready, but they were too hot to eat right away, so he had to wait even longer.. how long does a small elephant have to wait for cookies? Eventually they were cool enough to sample his tasty treat and it was heaven! The best chocolate chip cookies ever, and the waiting was worth it. Sometimes it is good to have patients!  

Fil Builds a New Website 

For years, Fil has had a blog site on wordpress.com, and for him it was a place for expressing himself to mostly anyone that wanted to stop by. Most of his stories are riddled with spelling errors, grammar errors from back in the day, and I suppose that is still possible even now. He does have chubby paws, so when he types really fast it is easy to select the wrong keys.  

Over the years this blog site has served his purpose, but with the limited options available to him over there, he decided to create a new site at filtheelephant.com. It is not 100% completed yet, but it has all the basics there. His blog posts have been transferred over and he has added some other trivial things he just was not able to do on the old site. Things like a place to promote his book or his podcast for example. Fil eventually hopes to add to it even more, but still as always, his focus is the blog itself. That is where he can shine and be his most creative self.  

If you still follow the old site, do not fret, it is still up and running and Fil will continue to post blogs to that site as well. Fil likes that the old site is so simple and that it supplies just the blog to our followers. The new site will also have the same blog posts as well because Fil’s priority is to continue to offer the same content he always has and that will always be what is true in his heart. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out the next time you are bored! It is filtheelephant.com. Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend! Your friend Fil! 

Fil hard at work on his website
Print screen of the new site

Fil’s Pumpkin Carvings!

In case you did not already know, Fil is super creative, artistic, and loves to do creative things. So, every year when pumpkin carving season comes around, he cannot wait to put on some spooky music and get to carving. 

Usually, Fil must start by choosing the perfect pumpkins, which he did earlier in the month. He likes larger, ribbed pumpkins, with texture and a nice tall oval shape. But sometimes he likes cute little round pumpkins too, it is always hard to decide, especially if he does not really have an idea in mind of what he wants to create on it.  

When it gets closer to Halloween, he starts looking through old pattern books, some from way back to 1990, so old he can hardly believe they still exist in great shape. Some years he likes to go creepier, and some more friendly. This year Fil went the more friendly route by choosing a ghost, bats, and a classic jack-o-lantern face.  

Usually, Fil starts by cutting out the top from the pumpkin and cleaning out the guts, and seeds. After that, he makes a copy of his pattern on the scanner, prints it off and tapes it to the best carving side of the pumpkin. Then he takes a little pokey tool to outline the pattern, so he knows what pieces to cut out. After that, he takes a special sawing tool and cuts out all the pieces very carefully. The best part is lighting them up and seeing how they look in the dark! 

Fil cannot wait to put them out on the front step to share with all the neighborhood kids, some of them might even be dressed up as an elephant! Wow that would be super cool. 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Fil’s Pumpkin Carvings
Pumpkins in the Dark

Fil’s new notebook

What an exciting day! Fil made a new notebook and his sample arrived in the mail. Fil created this notebook just so that he can start writing all his new story ideas down! Right now, he is already in the middle of working on a brand-new story that has to do with fun times in the snow. Fil does not want snow to be here tomorrow, but he also cannot wait for all the fun snow activities that will be sure to come when the time is right. Things like building a snowman, sledding, and throwing snowballs come to mind.  

But wait!!! Stop! It is not time for all that yet… we need to have Halloween first! He has not even carved out his pumpkin yet! Wow! This time of year is always so exciting for Fil because he has so many fun holidays to look forward to. All these things create so many adventures and stories to write for both his blog and even some for a story book! This Fil the Elephant notebook will do the trick, to jot down ideas and even attempt to fix his spelling errors. Fil loves his new notebook so much he decided to share it exclusively on amazon.com, so even you can get a copy to start authoring your own stories too! Or draw some cool elephant pictures, or even just to do math homework.  

What a wonderful day! With love, your friend Fil! 

Fil next to his new Notebook and Fil Goes Camping story book

Fil’s Trip to the Apple Farm

Fil has such an exciting life; he always gets to do so many fun things. Over the weekend Fil was lucky enough to go to an apple farm to pick apples with myself, my husband Daniel, and our son. Going to the apple farm in the fall is always an exciting experience and this time was no different.  

We got into the truck in the evening and took a drive south to the popular Minnesota Harvest, near Jordan, MN. This time we wanted to try something new, by going in the evening rather than on extremely popular weekend afternoons.  

Because it was dinner time and Fil and our son were both famished, we decided to order a couple of pizzas. Sausage and Pepperoni for the kids and BBQ Chicken with apples for the grown-ups, oh and a couple of hard ciders.  

After the famished Fil, filled his tummy with pizza it was time to find the Orchard Limo to take us to the apples! Apples everywhere! Riding on the tractor pulled wagon was the highlight for everyone. It was bumpy, jerky, and it was fun! Fil did not even want to get off to pick the apples at first, but that was the point of going to the apple farm to begin with… so he obliged. He was disappointed for a little while, that was until he sank his elephant teeth into some juicy sweet and tart apples! So many apples, too many for even an elephant to eat!  

As the sky was starting to get darker and the sliver of the moon was starting to show itself in the west sky, we knew it was time to start going home. The farm was closing, so we took one quick look at the pot belly pigs and chickens before we needed to end this wonderful fall evening at the apple farm.  

The drive back home was quiet, with everyone munching on one last apple. It was late, so once we got home, we had to get ourselves tucked away in our beds. Good night apple farm, see you next year. How lucky we are to get to enjoy apples for the days to come.